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Top 3 Fairytale Wedding Venues in Cheshire, UK

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

The county of Cheshire is renowned for its magnificent country estates, offering a well-needed contrast to the industrial sprawls of neighbouring Manchester and Liverpool.

Interested in history? When the industrial revolution lead to the exodus of Cheshire’s agricultural workforce from the farm to the factory, its acres were repurposed into the status symbols of Victorian aristocracy.

#1 Peckforton Castle

One of the most exquisite examples of this 19th century showboating is the breathtaking Peckforton Castle.

The 36,000 acres of countryside in which this venue is nestled allows the bustle of modern life to melt away as you approach the medieval-inspired turrets and towers of this romantic yet imposing country home.

#2 Inglewood Manor

The resplendence of this castle finds its rival in the rustic charm of Inglewood Manor.

Built from a fortune made in Liverpool maritime insurance, it combines the warmth of a family home with the luxury of a spa hotel. ُWhat’s more, the extensive landscaped gardens are the perfect backdrop for your guests’ day of Edwardian extravagance.

#3 Crewe Hall

But for those of us who like to delve centuries deep into the history of a place, Crewe Hall is what you’re after. Stretching back over 800 years, this renaissance mansion has been repeatedly renovated, with architectural easter eggs layered into its foundations ready to enthral your guests.

One particular highlight is the chapel, with exquisite stained glass windows and alabaster carvings.

Do you agree with these choices? Comment below which Cheshire venue would be your fairytale, and don’t forget to share!


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