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Top 5 reasons to hire a cellist for your next event

1. No instrument oozes elegance more than cello

That’s why the most recent Royal Wedding, which is surely the very definition of a classy event, hired Sheku Kanneh-Mason to perform a trio of gorgeous works for solo cello; Schubert’s Ave Maria, Faure’s Apres Un Reve, and Paradis’ Sicilienne. Piano or harp may be popular choices, but the more unusual cello is a mark of sophistication.

2. We can be as subtle or as dramatic as you want

Cellists are never divas. One of our most important skills is to accompany other instruments, so we know how to blend into the background when needed. If soft, incidental music is called for, we are the safest bet. Don’t underestimate us though- we can also captivate an entire audience with our sweet and lyrical tone.

3. Cellists are shapeshifters

2Cellos and Tina Guo have taught us that cello does NOT equal mellow. Electric instruments and backing tracks mean no genre is off limits, and cellists are now filling stadiums with live rock tours. This means when you book a cellist, you’re really getting two musicians in one. It’s incredibly fun after playing classical cello to have a costume change and whip out the electric cello – guests are thrilled by the transformation.

4. The cello doesn’t just sound beautiful, but it LOOKS incredible too.

Sharing great photos of your event is a huge priority in our world of social media. Every day 95 million photos are uploaded to Instagram, so why not make yours stand out with the graceful form of the cello?

5. Soloists offer amazing value

Costs of private events mount up, and by hiring a solo instrumentalist with backing tracks, you get a great sound at a much better price than for a band or string quartet. Convinced? Get in touch now for the best 2021 prices!

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